Veneers are an extremely fine and thin shell that is designed to be placed on the facial surfaces of the teeth (the front areas that you can see in the mirror head-on).  Veneers are usually made from porcelain or resin, and is bonded directly to your teeth.  The result is a beautiful natural looking smile!

dental veneers cosmetic dentist in BellevueWhat are some indications for veneers?

  • Heavily internally discolored teeth, typically from heavy smoking or from medications taken as a child
  • Front teeth that are not ideally lined up and you would like them straighter without having to do orthodontics and braces.
  • Teeth that have multiple older restorations that have been stained or chipped
  • Multiple front teeth have multiple areas of cavities, decay, and older fillings
  • After repeated bleaching, you are still not satisfied with the esthetics and color

Because porcelain veneers typically are so thin, sometimes a very conservative approach can be used, as minimal tooth structure may need to be removed.  Your dentist will decide on how much tooth structure needs to be removed, and may depend on the depth of discoloration. Veneers typically take 2 appointments; the first appointment the dentist will go over with you the appropriate shade and shape of the veneers, and prepare the teeth as necessary.  A temporary restoration may be fabricated as well.  Approximately 2 weeks later, the veneers are tried on to make sure the color, esthetics, and shape are just right; they are then adjusted, cemented, and polished as necessary.

Your dentist may also suggest that you avoid some foods and drinks (ie. red wine, coffee, soy sauce, blueberries) to avoid internal staining.

Occasionally a veneer may chip or debond as the restoration ages, but most people are extremely satistifed and happy with the long term smile and results!

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