The dentures available today are probably not the same as what one would remember.  Today’s dentures can be made to be very naturally looking, and sometimes hard to tell from real teeth!  Dentures are used in certain scenarios when one is missing multiple teeth.  A missing tooth may be the result of injury, tooth decay, infection, or gum and bone disease.  When more than one tooth is missing, a denture may be a solution to replace the space and get that smile back.

All dentures are removable, which means they can be taken in and out as needed.  Dentures should routinely, along with the gums and teeth, be kept clean with proper oral hygiene.  Dentures help one be able to talk, speak, and eat more naturally and with ease.  There are currently five types of dentures available.


A partial denture is used when one is missing more than one teeth but not all of the teeth.  Most partial dentures employ the use of clasps to help anchor the denture in place, and uses a cast metal base.  It uses the existing teeth and gums to hold the partial Bellevue denture in place, and has metal and acrylic (plastic) components.


A “flipper” is actually a type of partial denture, except it does not use a metal base or clasp.  It is all acrylic (plastic), and is typically worn when one or two front teeth are missing.  Most flippers replace a single front tooth, and cannot be use during eating.  A flipper’s primary purpose is to preserve the space  caused by the missing tooth, and is usually worn for esthetic purposes.


This type of denture is given the same day the teeth are removed.  It is used so one will still have teeth to speak and eat with, and are typically used when multiple teeth are extracted .  After the removal of the teeth, the  adjacent gums and tissues will shrink  and heal.  Additional adjustments to this type of denture will likely be needed for next few months.


This denture type is used when one is missing all of their teeth, in either the upper or lower jaw.


With advanced dental technology, dental implants can sometimes be used to help stabilize the denture in place.  Sometimes dentures are loose and may not stay in place well inside the mouth.  By using multiple dental implants, it can help to hold and “snap” the denture in place.


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