Cosmetic Dentistry

Get a smile that leaves people speechless, with the help of our cosmetic dentist from Bellevue Family Dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry in Bellevue has improved significantly, and it shows in the natural-looking results our dentists produce. We can help you achieve a bright, straight smile with a full range of cosmetic dental treatments, from comprehensive teeth whitening to natural-looking implants and more.

Here are some of the procedures we provide:

Crowns and Bridges – Crowns and bridges are ideal when restoring up to three missing teeth. As these types of restorations involve attaching the “new” tooth to the adjacent teeth, we thoroughly examine your current dental condition. This is to make sure that your crown or bridge can fulfill its duty of mitigating structure loss or possible root canal treatments.

Dental Implants – Dentures have always been a trusty option for those looking to restore missing teeth. But for those who need a more stable and natural-looking solution, dental implants are recommended. Implants restore the function and appearance of the teeth and last longer than regular tooth restoration options.

Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays – Our cosmetic dentist in Bellevue, WA, can restore chipped or fractured teeth with porcelain inlays and on-lays. If you have an existing silver mercury filling that you wish to remove, visit us, and we’ll replace it with a porcelain restoration that resembles your natural teeth.

Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening – We rid the teeth of plaque, dark stains, and tartar with gentle yet comprehensive dental cleaning. To improve the appearance of heavily stained teeth, we also offer various in-office teeth whitening options such as BOOST.  Our dentist can complete these treatments in a day, and you will see immediate results.

Veneers or Lumineers – A million-dollar smile isn’t such a long shot. We fabricate porcelain veneers that significantly improve the color and alignment of your teeth. The result is a beautiful smile.

These are just some of the treatments we offer. Set an appointment with us, and we’ll help you decide on the cosmetic dental treatment that suits your needs.

Do you have questions about cosmetic dentistry in Bellevue, WA? Call 425-614-1600.

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