Have you been getting bad breath?  Do you find your mouth has a foul smell through out the day?  Has someone told you your breath has an odor?  Bad breath is actually a pretty common complaint.  Also called halitosis, is nothing to be embarrassed about and is treatable.

What causes bad breath?

While many of the factors that cause halitosis can be found in the mouth, it can also be systemic. Factors can include:

  • Bacteria and food that accumulate on the tonguebad breath treatment in Bellevue
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Tooth infection
  • Gum and bone disease/infection
  • Dentures that are not cleaned regularly
  • Strong odored foods
  • Throat infection
  • Change in the body

How to Treat Halitosis

Some may try to use mouthwash.  Oftentimes mouthwash merely masks the problem and the underlying cause may still remain after the mouthwash effects wears off.

During your dental checkup, be sure to mention to your dentist if you think you may have bad breath.  The first thing your dentist would want to do is find out the cause(s) of the odor.  A common cause is due to bacteria accumulation on the tongue causing a white film and coating on the tongue; this white film can be removed by brushing and cleaning your tongue daily, hence decreasing the cause of the smell.

Periodontal disease can also cause halitosis.  Hardened plaque and diseased gum tissue underneath the gum line and between the teeth can harbor trapped bacteria, which may contribute to bad breath.  Good and proper oral hygiene at home is a great first place to start, followed by regular dental checkups and dental cleanings.

If there are other contributing factors involved, together you and the dentist would explore other causes.  If necessary, a physician referral may be given to rule out systemic involvement like diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

If you have any questions about bad breath, its causes and treatment, we are here to help.

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