Root Canal

Marijuana use linked to increased risk of Periodontitis

Recreational marijuana, or cannabis or pot, use may cause gingival bleeding and gum disease, and increase your risk of gum disease and periodontal disease.  A study in the Journal of Periodontology “Relationship Between Frequent Cannabis (Marijuana and Hashish) Use and Periodontitis in Adults in the United States: NHANES 2011-2012” followed up on people who used […]

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Does root canal tooth need a crown


Your tooth was causing you pain, and your dentist recommended that you get it evaluated for a root canal to prevent an extraction or tooth loss.  Now that the tooth has a root canal, the dental care team advises you the tooth needs a crown.  So why […]

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teeth cold sensitive

Teeth cold sensitive is a prevalent issue in adults.  It’s also normal for teeth sensitivity to cold to occur more often in the winter due to the colder air and temperature.  While over 50 percent of adults have reported teeth sensitive from cold, it’s an issue that can often be treated with either […]

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Root Canal Retreat or Extraction

root canal retreat or extraction

Failed root canal treatment

Patients may present a tooth that previously had a root canal and is now causing pain and discomfort.  Treatment may be to attempt a root canal retreatment or extract the failing endodontic tooth and replace with a dental implant and crown.  Which one to choose, root canal retreat […]

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Tooth Sensitive to Sweets and Sugar

Tooth Sensitive to Sweets and Sugar

Ouch! My tooth hurts when I eat sweets!

“My tooth is sensitive to sweets and sugar!” If your tooth has sensitivity to sweets and sugars, their is a chance the tooth might have a cavity.   Tooth sensitivity also occurs when teeth becomes thinner, thereby exposing the dentin layer.  Tooth sensitivity, also […]

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