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Back to school dental tips

It’s September and for many kids it’s back to school. Parents and children can easily use this time to make sure they keep their teeth and oral health in tip top shape.  Below are some back to school dental tips and ideas to help keep your teeth healthy!

Be sure to continue to brush your teeth […]

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Part of Tooth is discolored and yellow


Discolored tooth treated by Bellevue dentist.  Recently a new patient came in and told me an area on one of this front teeth has been yellow for a long time and asked if anything should be done.  So I examined the area and informed him of some treatment options. But it may be helpful to […]

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Are whitening toothpaste effective at removing stains?

Do whitening toothpaste work?  Whitening toothpastes claim to whiten your teeth and remove stains, making them sparkly white.  So are whitening toothpastes effective?  Patients often ask during their dental check up and dental cleaning appointments if whitening toothpaste will help whiten their teeth.

A recent meta-analysis study was done comparing the effects of extrinsic tooth discolorations […]

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Marijuana use linked to increased risk of Periodontitis

Recreational marijuana, or cannabis or pot, use may cause gingival bleeding and gum disease, and increase your risk of gum disease and periodontal disease.  A study in the Journal of Periodontology “Relationship Between Frequent Cannabis (Marijuana and Hashish) Use and Periodontitis in Adults in the United States: NHANES 2011-2012” followed up on people who used […]

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Water fluoridation

City Water Fluoridation

Having fluoride in your drinking water can save the American public millions of dollars via tooth decay prevention. A study conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health in 2013 concluded that by having community water fluoridated, it saved the over 200 million US population who had access to community fluoride water nearly […]

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Wisdom Tooth Hurts


You start to have pressure pain in the back of the jaw behind the molars.  The pain is sudden and then it goes away. The pain comes back and goes away.  This pain and relief cycle repeats itself, and each time the pain comes back it gets worse. You go to a dentist […]

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Does root canal tooth need a crown


Your tooth was causing you pain, and your dentist recommended that you get it evaluated for a root canal to prevent an extraction or tooth loss.  Now that the tooth has a root canal, the dental care team advises you the tooth needs a crown.  So why […]

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Do Cavities Go Away


Tooth decay, or cavities, develop when bacteria encounters sugars on the tooth and the bacteria “digests” the sugars.  In process of doing so, the bacteria releases an acid that erodes the tooth’s enamel.  Once the enamel is eroded and softened, this is compromised tooth structure is called tooth decay, […]

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teeth cold sensitive

Teeth cold sensitive is a prevalent issue in adults.  It’s also normal for teeth sensitivity to cold to occur more often in the winter due to the colder air and temperature.  While over 50 percent of adults have reported teeth sensitive from cold, it’s an issue that can often be treated with either […]

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Wisdom tooth extraction may be indicated if it is impacted or causing crowding, tooth decay, or pain.  Wisdom tooth removal may also be required if there is sustained gum infection and swelling.  So how can you tell if your wisdom teeth need to be removed?


Your wisdom teeth are third […]

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