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Hello there, I am delighted to be your premier gentle Bellevue dentist!

We proudly provide gentle and quality conservative dental care to the Eastside community of Bellevue, WA and the surrounding Seattle areas of Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland, Sammamish, and Newcastle.

We strive to be caring and friendly, and want to make sure all questions and concerns, no matter how small or large, are answered.  Its is our goal that we aim to make every visit pleasant and affordable.  Children, kids, teens, adults, and family members of all ages are all warmly invited!

I personally welcome you to stop by our dental clinic to ask a question, to tour the office, or if you just want to meet myself and my team members in person.  Phone calls and emails are also welcome any day, anytime.

Dental Emergency?  Swollen gums, broken teeth, tooth pain?  Contact us at (425) 614-1600 to inquire about same day appointment availability!

Thank you for visiting,

Peter Chien, DMD, MPH

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New Patient Dental Care Specials

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Implants and Family Cosmetic Dental Services

As your featured family dentist in Bellevue WA, our services include dental implants, general and cosmetic dentistry: Gentle dental cleaning to remove plaque, dark stains, and tartar from your teeth, to keep your gums healthy, and to resolve bleeding gums.  Professional teeth whitening to lighten and brighten yellow and heavily stained teeth.  Dental implants to replace missing teeth and space that feels and functions like a natural tooth.  Tooth colored fillings that are mercury free, looks natural, and allows a conservative dental approach.  Porcelain crowns to replace fractured teeth with a beautiful strong restoration and to help achieve a natural colored tooth. Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Lumineers to create a full beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Emergency dentistry for that sudden tooth and/or gum pain.  Complete and partial dentures to replace multiple missing teeth.  Night guards to help alleviate clenching, bruxism, and TMJ discomfort.  Sports mouth guards for high school and professional athletes to help protect their teeth from accidental trauma.  Tooth extractions for teeth that need to be removed from infection or fracture.  Porcelain inlays and onlays to replacing partially missing tooth structure.  Snoreguard to help alleviate snoring and sleep apnea.  Silver mercury filling removal to replacing unsightly silver fillings with a more natural restoration.  Your Bellevue dentist also offers kids pediatric dentistry to treat your sons and daughters in a relaxed and calming setting.  Root canals to alleviate pain and infection.  Oral cancer screening for lesions and lumps that are painful.  And much more!  We welcome families, adults, and kids of all ages, from 1 to 125!  Have questions on how to improve your smile?

Contact us at (425) 614-1600!

Advanced Technology

Your Bellevue dentist utilizes a variety of very gentle and advanced technologies to help improve you oral health and create that perfect smile.  With digital x-rays, it uses up to 90% less radiation than that of conventional film based x-rays.  We also offer same day in-office BOOST whitening to get your teeth whitened in a single office visit!

Patient Comfort

You, the patient, are our number one priority!  We treat every patient here like family and with the utmost care, and strive to make sure your comfort and well-being are addressed at all times.  We emphasize preventive oral dental care and stay on top of the latest in dental medicine and materials research.  We also offer sedation dentistry to help you feel more relaxed and calm.  If you are in the search for a gentle dentist in Bellevue WA with a soft touch, contact us today!

Top Dentist Award

Best Dentist Guide in 2013 awarded Dr. Chien as one of the best dentist for providing quality dental care.  Dr. Chien was also selected as a top Bellevue dentist in 2016 and 2017 by Seattle Met.

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Telephone: (425) 614-1600
Email: Email your Bellevue Dentist
Address: 1299 156th Ave NE #115, Bellevue, WA 98007 (located in Crossroads area)

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